Enhancing Emotional Intelligence to Develop Individuals and Organizations


Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – Drive Organizational Success!

Effective emotional Intelligence drives effective leadership.

Did you know:

  • Organizations that value and widely use Emotional Intelligence are over 3 times more effective at leadership development? There is a 31% gap in leadership development effectiveness between organizations where EI is valued, versus those in which it is not.
  • Organizations that integrate Emotional Intelligence in at least two different ways are 25% more likely to have extremely effective leadership development?
  • Incorporating Emotional Intelligence as part of leadership coaching supports higher performance? When organizations incorporate Emotional Intelligence in leadership coaching, they are 36% more likely to report effective EI performance.

Read the full research report: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence and Employee Performance: Select Star Employees!

Incorporating emotional intelligence assessment into your hiring process will improve your chances of selecting a star performer. Goleman (1998) in his book, Working with Emotional Intelligence, suggests that EI accounts for 67 percent of skills that are required to succeed in a job and is more important than even IQ and technical proficiency as one rises up through the organization. Learn more about how we assess emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence and Educational Success (K12, Higher Education, Graduate Education)

Research at all levels of education indicates that students with higher emotional intelligence achieve at higher levels and experience fewer discipline problems and drug-related challenges.

  • K12 schools that infuse emotional intelligence learning have students that make better grades and experience fewer discipline problems. Social and emotional learning that occurs early in life lasts into adulthood. Read the research here: https://casel.org/impact/
  • College students with higher EI are more likely to be retained, graduate on time, make better grades and avoid drug use. Read Dr. Korrel Kanoy’s research summary here.
  • Students in graduate healthcare programs who have higher EI experience less stress and perform better in clinical situations. See  Dr. Korrel Kanoy’s overview here.

See Dr. Kanoy’s keynote presentation about the importance of emotional intelligence in predicting college student success at http://youtu.be/1nt2_JQYNKg