Providing Evidence-Based Assessment of Candidates

Talent Identification

Executive, Leader, and Faculty Recruitment, Screening and Selection

Our Approach: We believe that interviews are necessary but not sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of technical and emotional intelligence competencies. We provide you with evidence-based, objective, accurate, and in-depth information to make informed decisions about the executives and leaders for your organization by using the following methods:

  • We obtain stakeholder input to customize the recruitment, screening, and selection process specifically to the challenges facing your organization.
  • We assess Emotional intelligence (EI) throughout the process such as having candidates answer interview questions that reveal EI behaviors in past situations, complete an emotional intelligence assessment, and participate in exercises that require EI skills to perform at the highest levels.
  • We employ multiple methods to recruit and intensively screen candidate attributes against employer criteria.
  • We design tailored skill simulation exercises that enable firsthand observation of candidate competencies and provide information that goes well beyond what can be learned in an interview.
  • We recruit volunteer subject matter experts trained on how to objectively observe, record, and evaluate candidates.
  • We offer simulations that can be conducted virtually using video-conferencing technology or onsite.
  • We provide employers with in-depth profiles of the finalists and tailor finalist interview questions based on objective candidate strengths and weaknesses.

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Representative Clients

  • Lake Lure Classical Academy
  • Charlotte Latin School
  • Ravenscroft Academy
  • Ashley Hall School
  • North Carolina State University
  • Town of Apex, NC
  • City of Durham, NC
  • City of Greensboro, NC
  • City of Danville, VA
  • City of Savannah, GA
  • Cumberland County, NC
  • Cleveland County, NC
  • Gaston County YMCA
  • Nantahala Health Foundation
  • United Way of Cumberland County

References are available on request

“Working with Korrel Kanoy of Developmental Associates surpassed our highest expectations for refining our interview and hiring process, initially in the Middle School at Charlotte Latin School, and later in all other areas of the School. Korrel recast our interview questions in behavioral terms and added scoring rubrics based on emotional intelligence skills. The addition of role plays centered on scenarios we provided along with training for interview teams proved to be invaluable. I cannot imagine engaging in the hiring process again without the use of the comprehensive process designed by Korrel.”

Debbie Lamm
Head of Middle School
Charlotte Latin School (1992-2017)

"Charlotte Latin School has enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with Developmental Associates. Of particular support to the School, has been the work by Developmental Associates in creating specific activities to assess the skills of critical positions on the Administrative Team. Following a failed attempt to hire my new Administrative Assistant by a local recruiting agency, we brought in Dr. Korrel Kanoy and her team to help us assess the most important skills and qualifications needed in this vital position; a role previously played by an individual who had served Latin for more than 40 years. This joint effort resulted in the hiring of one of the most capable individuals I have ever worked with during my career in independent education. Having such success with the hiring of my new Administrative Assistant, we asked Developmental Associates to assist us in the hiring of our Associate Headmaster for Academic Affairs, a new position on the Administrative Team. Once again, Developmental Associates came through with flying colors. I highly recommend Developmental Associates to any school seeking to recruit and hire the best possible candidates for your faculty or administration."

Arch N. McIntosh, Jr.
Headmaster Emeritus
Charlotte Latin School

"Developmental Associates works with the East Carolina University Police Department to offer multiple services, grounded in emotional intelligence, that help us in both promoting and training our Police Department employees to be leaders. The promotional processes are behaviorally-based and objective. The training sessions have had a clear impact on collaboration and more effective interpersonal communications among our supervisors. This results in more efficient personnel outcomes and overall departmental team cohesion. In this challenging time of mixed perceptions of how law enforcement engages with the communities they serve, emotional intelligence has never been more important."

Chief Jon Barnwell,
East Carolina University Police Department

"Thank you for your excellent and comprehensive services during this thorough process that was, at times, challenging, but remained on schedule and achieved my desired results - a unanimous vote for our new City Manager. I appreciate not only DA's expertise but also the cumulative experience of the DA team, whose insight was invaluable to us and spot-on as we moved through the process."

Mayor Van Johnson,
Savannah Georgia

Public Safety Promotional Assessment

Our Approach: We develop public safety promotional processes that are valid, reliable, and viewed as transparent and fair by the participants for law enforcement, fire safety, emergency management, and emergency communication positions.

  • We create a legally defensible assessment center exercises based on multi-method job analyses that obtain stakeholder participation.
  • We measure a range of technical, leadership, critical incident, and emotional intelligence skills using behavioral-based and validated psychological assessments including measurement of key skills for today such as empathy, impulse control, and social responsibility.
  • We facilitate virtual or on-site assessments of candidates using highly trained, external subject matter experts to serve as assessors.
  • We deliver behavioral-based candidate feedback and co-design professional employee development plans.
  • Duke University Police Department
  • East Carolina University Police Department
  • UNC School of the Arts Police Department
  • NC Department of Insurance
  • City of Asheboro Police Department
  • City of Durham Police Department
  • City of Fayetteville Police Department
  • Cleveland County Emergency Management
  • Town of Morrisville Fire Department
  • City of Raleigh Fire Department
  • City of Wilson Police Department
  • City of Winston-Salem Fire Department

References are available on request