Jul 30 2020

National Attention for NC’s African American, Female Police Chiefs

NC-based Developmental Associates proudly helped the communities of Durham, Fayetteville, Winston-Salem and Morrisville hire their police chiefs. Excellence and diversity in action!

Jul 30 2020

Using Assessment Centers to Measure Leadership Skills

We evaluate leader skills for Government, Nonprofit and Educational positions.

Jun 11 2020

Deficiencies of Traditional Headhunting Techniques

The DA Talent Identification program uses a multi-step approach to candidate recruiting, screening and skill evaluation grounded in the science of hiring, the now well understood importance of emotional intelligence and the need to reduce bias in hiring decisions. This unique talent identification program goes beyond the traditional approach of passive recruitment, comparisons of resumes without a consistent standard and overreliance on interviews for measuring skills.

Jun 11 2020

Myths and Realities of Selection

A number of myths persist about the success of traditional hiring and promotional methods. Making the wrong decisions in how to evaluate people for promotion or selection costs the organization roughly five times the annual salary and benefits for that position and traditional methods have been found to be less predictive of selecting the right candidate less than 50% of the time! Flipping a coin would be more accurate.