Offering Reliable Recruitment Services and Coaching Programs

Talent Identification

Our Approach: We believe that interviews are necessary but not sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of technical and emotional intelligence competencies. We provide you with evidence-based, objective, accurate, and in-depth information to make informed decisions about the executives and leaders for your organization.

Talent Development

Our Approach: We ground our work in individual and 360 emotional intelligence assessment and ensure you have the tools and skills to stay successful. And, we customize the process to meet your needs.

Health Care Graduate Admissions

Our Approach: We work with graduate health-care training programs to address the concern of admitting academically qualified students into med school, PA, CRNA, DNP, OT, and PT programs, who then do not perform well in clinical rotations, or who derail and leave before completing their degrees. We help schools identify, and develop students who lack fundamental non-cognitive or emotional intelligence skills that are required for academic and clinical success.