Develop Your Team, Develop Your Talent

Talent Development


Our approach: We ground our work in individual and 360 emotional intelligence assessments and ensure you have the tools and skills to stay successful. And, we customize the process to meet your needs.

  • Together, we discuss your goals and match coaching to what you need and want.
  • We work within a process framework of assessment, challenge, and support to help you achieve your best.
  • We facilitate jointly-designed professional development plans with accountability measures to ensure improvement.

I’ve experienced Dr. Kanoy’s coaching from both a personal and professional perspective. The insight and knowledge gained through the experiences set the stage for my being successful at creating opportunities for my team’s professional growth and development. It has validated the mantra of “Leaders do not create followers, leaders create more leaders.” being applied within my own vision of leadership.

AM – Philanthropic Strategist

“I have found the professionalism and advice from Developmental Associates to be top-notch. I have worked with them as Head at two different schools now to both select and guide the professional growth or two different administrative teams. In fact, as I moved into my new role as Head at Barnhart, they helped me select my new administrative team, to great advantage for the team, the school, and myself as the leader.”

— Ethan Williamson, Head of School, Barnhart

“Korrel worked with our high potential leadership group, combining training and coaching to work with these very busy and high-energy employees. They left their coaching sessions feeling supported, challenged, and energized. And, they had a plan to further develop their EI and leadership skills.” --- Kristine Carlson, Talent Management Consultant, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC (Non-Profit)

— Kristine Carlson, Talent Management Consultant, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

"Developmental Associates has been able to translate the concepts of emotional intelligence to our clergy and lay leaders in a way that is accessible and engaging. When participants have been asked for a word or phrase that describes their time learning with her, frequently used descriptors are ‘phenomenal,’ ‘transformative,’ and ‘enlightening.’ "

— Leah Wiebe-Smith, Center for Leadership Excellence, Associate Director

"Outside independent perspectives are critical for effective leadership. Developmental Associates provided high quality coaching with industry experts throughout our year-long leadership academy. Their support helped make our program a success."

— Forrest Lane, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, College of Education, Sam Houston State University

"Leaders are asked to navigate increasingly complex environments with diverse stakeholders. Understanding our emotional responses and the impact they have on others is critical to success. The EQi 360 provided participants of our leadership academy an opportunity to identify gaps and leverage emotional intelligence skills."

— Forrest Lane, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, College of Education, Sam Houston State University

Example Clients

  • Education
  • Charlotte Latin School
  • St. Martin’s School
  • Government
  • Town of Apex, NC
  • City of Danville, Virginia
  • NC DOT Legacy Leadership Program
  • Town of Matthews, NC
  • Town of Morrisville, NC
  • Transylvania County, NC
  • Nonprofit
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Burroughs Welcome Foundation

References are available on request

Training & Workshops

Our Approach: We work with you to assess your training needs and customize programs to your organization and staff. We use best-practice adult learning approaches to facilitate participant engagement, transfer of training, and return on investment to meet individual and organizational development goals.

  • We offer stand-alone workshops or a series of workshops with intact work groups or across organizational levels depending on your needs.
  • All workshops are grounded in learning and improving skills in a variety of areas to achieve desired results.
  • We enhance team effectiveness by increasing knowledge of complementary and competing skills and providing tools for cohesive functioning.
  • We ensure retention of skills by providing “Booster Shots” over a 1-year period, increasing your return on investment.

Example Clients

  • Education
  • Bolles Academy - Florida
  • Charlotte Latin School - Charlotte
  • McDonogh School - Maryland
  • Ravenscroft School - Raleigh
  • Trinity Academy - Raleigh
  • Government
  • Charlotte Douglas Airport
  • City of Charlotte Executive Leadership Team
  • East Carolina University Police Department
  • Raleigh Durham Airport Authority
  • Town of Matthews Leadership Team
  • UNC School of Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Center for Leadership Excellence
  • Local Government Federal Credit Union - Raleigh
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools

References are available on request

Assessments & Simulations

Our approach: We believe that coaching and training are the most successful when individuals gain awareness about key skills that predict leadership and work effectiveness. We use a variety of assessments and simulations which we can integrate into individual coaching, team development, or large group workshops.

  • Change Style Indicator*
  • Decision Style Profile*
  • DISC
  • Emerging Leaders Profile*
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi) 2.0, 360, Group, and Higher Education*
  • Influence Style Indicator*
  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  • MBTI
  • Pearman Personality Integrator*
  • Risk-Type Compass*
  • Simulations – these are terrific for testing your group’s ability to work effectively together while participating in an entertaining simulation!
  • Paper Scrapers (1-hour) – Teams receive a set of random materials and are told to “build a structure” in 30 minutes. Watch how your team organizes itself, communicates, and works together (or maybe in silos) to build a possible award-winning structure. It’s fun and very informative!
  • Paper Planes (6 hours) – Team members are assigned different roles with the goal of building paper airplanes that can fly a certain distance. Over the 3 different runs, teams typically dramatically improve their productivity as they improve their leadership, communication, organization, and teamwork. Debriefs at the end of each run focus on the skills necessary to succeed.

*Developmental Associates is certified to “train the trainer” on these assessments!

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