Identify your high potentials, Prepare for the future

Talent Development

Succession Planning

Our Approach: We work with you to project future talent needs and identify current high-potential employees who can develop the skills needed to take on increasing levels of responsibility. We hold the value that while hiring externally is always an option, developing staff leads to engagement, retention and leveraging the ROI of your employee investments. National employee satisfaction data show that employees who have opportunities to grow in your organization are more satisfied, more engaged, better performers, and more likely to stay. You may have the talent you need already employed! Working with you as a partner, we would

  • Identify the key technical and leadership skills needed for each position
  • Assess your organization's current leadership structure to assure that it is highly effective based on your mission and goals
  • Evaluate current employee potential at any level using the 9-box grid (or similar tool) to accurately and effectively invest resources for succession planning
  • Compare high-potential employees to highly effective leaders in the organization using tools such as the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) or EQi 2.0 Leadership Report.
  • Use assessment data to structure opportunities for skill growth to ensure that current employees are ready for the next step regardless of their current organizational level
  • When position openings occur, help you assess if in-house talent is ready for the next step.
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