Korrel Kanoy
Co-Founder and Senior Consultant


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Korrel, a founding partner in Developmental Associates, received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the University of Tennessee, specializing in developmental psychology. Prior to forming Developmental Associates in 2004 with business partners Steve Straus and Heather Lee, Korrel served as a college professor where she won campus awards for teaching and leadership excellence.

​Korrel is a nationally recognized expert in emotional intelligence and has delivered invited keynote addresses and worked from Maine to California sharing her passion for emotional intelligence and its importance in work and life. She spends most of her consulting time training and coaching in the area of emotional intelligence, focusing on using EI skills to improve individuals, leaders, and organizational performance. Korrel’s training programs are always customized to the client and skill-based, such that participants leave the sessions with tools for handling the various challenges they face. Sessions are interactive and engaging, and often include case studies relevant to the client (that she develops) and simulations such as Paper Scrapers and Paper Planes. Korrel and business partner Heather Lee co-design and co-lead many of the training programs offered by Developmental Associates.

​Korrel’s coaching practice is first and foremost based on building trust, meeting the individual where they are, and learning about their goals. Her approach to coaching includes positive support gentle nudging, focused questions, and candid feedback depending on what the client needs. Individual and 360 assessments are used to help build self-awareness and identify areas of development. Korrel is certified in many different assessments, including the EQi 2.0 and 360, Risk Type Compass, Pearman Personality Integrator, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, Influence Style Indicator, Decision Making Profile, Leadership Style Profile and Emerging Leaders Profile and chooses, along with the client, which might be the most helpful.

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