Cost Benefits of EQ K-12

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Summary Research: The Profitability of Emotional Intelligence in K-12 Education

In today’s economy, we all must think carefully about the cost-benefit ratio of decisions that involve spending precious resources, including money or personnel time. In the realm of emotional intelligence, there is an impressive and growing body of research that indicates you could save significant money if you used emotional intelligence assessment (EQ-i) as part of a selection process or improve profitability and performance if emotional intelligence (EI) training is included as part of professional development. Consider just a few examples, all related to K- 12 education and leadership.

  • LEADERSHIP: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL, 2001) compared EI characteristics to Benchmarks, a 360 leadership evaluation tool for leaders. CCL found that EI accounted for 25% of the difference in performance between leaders considered stars and non-stars.
  • K-12 EDUCATION, TEACHERS: Although not measurable in dollars but rather in performance evaluations and student success, the most successful teachers are different from less successful teachers in six key areas of EI, with the least successful particularly having trouble with impulse control. (Stein & Book, 2006).
  • K-12 EDUCATION, PRINCIPALS: Stone, Parker, and Wood (2005) found that the top 20% of performing principals (as judged by superiors and direct reports) scored differently from the bottom 20% of performers on 7 EI characteristics. After newly-hired participated in an EI training program, they matched the top 20% of performing principals in their EI profile.

Principal data is particularly relevant because of its importance in creating an effective working atmosphere for teachers, one that in turn affects student performance. (Department of Public Instruction Working Conditions Report, 2008). In addition, every retained teacher saves a system about $15,000 in rehiring costs according to national data.

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